Oconomowoc Lake Club Fundraiser

One of the best parts about working in media production is I get to work with groups and people from all over the world, but it still always feels like an extra special joy when I get to work with a more local group. In this case that was the Oconomowoc Lake Club, a non-profit club and an important part of its local community that was looking to improve its offering for its members through fundraising and new additions to its establishment. They reached out to me and we had a short but insightful conversation about what they were looking to accomplish and how they wanted the video to make their audience feel. With the help of some video recordings and images they had created, I put together a video for them that revolved completely around their community members, highlighting the importance of the club to the community and also to the members as a place to relax and socialize and create memories. This video was ultimately presented at their annual gala to help in their fundraising to revamp the club.
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Oconomowoc Lake Club
August 2022
Oconomowoc Lake Club
Oconomowoc Lake Club