Wittworks YouTube Channel Editor

Starting a YouTube channel, for most people, is a very solo endeavor. They have a great idea and they run with it. A common problem for all YouTube Creators who find continued success though, is time management. Their often just isn’t enough time in the day to brainstorm ideas, write scripts, make recordings, edit and the video together in an awesome and attention-keeping way, and publish it. Forget about all the smaller nuances of even marketing the channel. When Drew from the Wittworks YouTube channel reached out to me, he was in that exact boat. One look at his channel shows his passion and determination to create amazing content, but he was becoming held back by time and other responsibilities. Working with me, Drew has had a lot of time freed up, which has also allowed him to release videos quicker than in the past. With me, he can think up his next great video idea and know that when he send me the footage, he’ll get back a great video for his YouTube channel! This is where the other beauty of our production relationship comes into play, as he can bounce production ideas off of me to come up with even more amazing videos, allowing the production quality of his content to continually evolve, while still giving him the time he needs to think up his great ideas.
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Wittworks (YouTube)
Nov. 2022 - Present